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Janet Fishman's expertise in French language and dialect were invaluable to our cast in the production of Noel Coward's Fallen Angels, produced at Villanova Theatre in the fall of 2014. Her insight into the way in which language functions in the theater helped the entire production staff to understand the play better, and to explore incredible comedy at the center of this play. Her teaching style is both compassionate and generous! Janet’s professionalism made our production stronger, and definitely with her French flare made it a lot more stylish! David Cregan, O.S.A., Ph.D. Chair, Villanova Theatre Department Janet Fishman is a dear friend, and she is also an extremely competent, experienced teacher. I had the opportunity of being coached by her for French language and she was able to hone in on exactly what I needed and gave me fabulous coaching. I would recommend her for anyone interested in learning French at any level. I used her skills to help me learn to sing authentically in French without knowing how to speak the language. But she also started me off with French language lessons. Really gave me a boost! Also, I must add that because of her knowledge and love of French songs, she often suggests new pieces for my repertoire. One of them is on my latest CD! Phyllis Chapell, Multi-lingual vocalist Janet is a well-organized, very responsible, competent colleague with vision who works well with a broad range of people. Since she had considerable experience working in French theater, her command of the language and pronunciation is excellent. Her interest in acting, coupled with the fact that she is an active playwright, adds a dimension to her class which students appreciate and enjoy. Sonia B. Spencer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of French, French Program Coordinator Rowan University I have traveled with French! Junior Year in France, teaching in Ghana and Paris, studying acting at Paris III, La Cité, and L’Atelier d’Ivry, performing and touring with a French theatre company . . . When I teach or coach, I’m also sharing my French experience.

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