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A Chinese Fairy Tale


Picture of Janet Fishman and a dragon costume

Post-performance discussion and workshops are designed to solicit active responses to the performance, and to encourage audience members to move quickly into the roles of critic, director, writer, and actor. After sharing feedback on the show, participants are plunged into a series of exercises. These movement, vocal, and acting workouts help students feel comfortable using their bodies and voices in what will become their theatre space, and take them through the process of creating a character and connecting personally to a dramatic situation. Participants then break into groups and create their own versions of the archetypical fairy tale scenes, constructing characters, situations, and dialogue. They also have the option of requesting sound effects or musical accompaniment from the company musician. Materials for creating their costumes are provided. The workshop concludes with a presentation by the participants of their own version of the fairy tale. We want them to leave the workshop feeling confident that they have within themselves the means to make theatre anywhere. The above format is flexible as to content and length. We enjoy collaborating with teachers and activities programmers in planning our workshops.